Our Story – A threat to the island of Ireland not just Tyrone & Derry

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. — Martin Luther King

We belong to a small community in the heart of the Sperrin Mountains. Our area, Greencastle in Co.Tyrone, is a typical rural area with a small close knit community with the local football club at the heart of it. The football grounds has our community centre and from here we run sports clubs, youth clubs, music lessons, gym sessions, health and well being workshops, after funeral dinners, sessions for the older people in our area…you name it and it happens in our community centre and all of this is nearly all ran by volunteers. In the heart of the village we have one pub, one shop, a primary school, a playschool, a credit union and numerous houses but we’re surrounded by the beautiful Sperrins countryside.

Up until recently we have led a nice quiet lifestyle here, we have a strong farming tradition in the area and we have been blessed with green fields, peace, quiet and tranquility. We have been ‘put on the map’ so to speak by a few people and activities with the Greencastle carnival which was certainly innovative of its time, then we had Big Brother’s Tyrone Tom, Eddies the local pub even won best pub in the UK at a time and more recently the football club has brought us glory through their winning form, and not to forget the Greencastle 5 mile road race which just celebrated its 32nd year and has brought the likes of Nadine Coyle and Jesse Metcalfe to come and experience the wonderful Sperrins welcome.

Through all of this community, celebration and happiness were key points but a new development is trying to put us on the map, or perhaps destroy us of the map you might say as Dalradian Gold has plans to MINE FOR GOLD  in our hills and valleys and build a massive TOXIC MINERAL PROCESSING PLANT on the side of Crockanboy hill, as well as leave WASTE DUMPS full of discarded rock which will have been processed using cyanide and other chemicals all over our area, an area which has been designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This will have a devastating impact on our strong vibrant community who want to continue to live here and enjoy the healthy fresh air and land which we have been passing down for generations. And we are saying NO! 

This is not just the story of Greencastle however, Dalradian is a direct threat to the whole North West initially followed by the entire island of Ireland as they are seeking licences in Tyrone and Derry and they will continue to move wider if their applications are successful. Then if they are successful with their plans to develop a processing plant they will be encouraging other gold mining companies to come to Ireland to mine so that Dalradian can then process the rock gaining even more profit for their stakeholders while we the local communities across the island of Ireland suffer. This is an ISLAND WIDE ISSUE, it is not just the people of Greencastle who will suffer as a result of this.

We are asking for people to stand in solidarity with us and to stop this planned mining, toxic processing plant and waste dump from being developed in this area of outstanding natural beauty. Think of the future and how these companies may come into areas across Ulster and then further afield. As I’ve said our area is only the beginning, we know that Dalradian plans to advance this mining on a large scale and while you may not be affected by this specific planning application this time around they will come at a later date and could be in any of your areas soon. NOW IS THE TIME TO STOP THEM. We all need to work together!

If you want to help us please follow the actions below as advised by the action group SAVE OUR SPERRINS:

‘With less than four weeks to get written objections to Dalradian’s toxic plans for our area submitted it is imperative that every man, woman and child takes it upon themselves to join us in this task.
If you like this page, are a local resident or a concerned environmentalist/human being then please help us.

Assistance with composing an objection letter will be offered – if need be please message the page (SAVE OUR SPERRINS), Tweet us: e-mail:

Send your objections to the Strategic Planning Division, First Floor, Clarence Court, 10-18 Adelaide Street, Belfast, BT2 8GB
OR 71 Ebrington Square, Derry, BT47 6FA.

Please remember to quote the reference number (LA10/2017/1249/F) in all correspondence.


We are a group of volunteers, our enemy Dalradian is a company made up of wealthy financial backers all hoping to get wealthier at our expense, this company have full time workers and are paying a PR company to put out their one sided narrative. We need to fundraise so we can also get adverts in the local papers, but our adverts will show the other side to this so called ‘great development’. Please help if you can!

If you would like to support our campaign financially then you can donate by following the below link.

Thank you and don’t forget, spread the word!!!!


Statement read out by SOS at PDAC 2018

Below is the statement read out at the Ireland: Open for business day at PDAC in Toronto on 05/03/2018. Sinéad Ní Mhearnóg, a representative of the anti-gold mining groups in the Sperrins read out this statement to make sure that those present don’t forget that these areas being targeted for gold mining are areas where people live, go to school, work, farm and raise families and these communities do not want this toxic gold mining business in their areas.

Unfortunately this representative was not let speak freely, the chairperson talked over her, turned off the mic and some people started to walk out, however, many others did not and Sinéad continued to read out this important statement. When finished many people came to congratulate these activists for standing up for their community in this way in a room that certainly wasn’t welcoming to it, this included geologists, business owners and even the chair himself who said he wasn’t sure if he had done the right thing in trying to silence our protest. Fine GaelMinister Sean Kyne spent time talking to Sinéad and Emmet to find out the other side to this dirty business they call gold mining.

It takes a lot to get up and do this in front of such a hostile crowd, but we know from the feedback that this created a much needed talking point for those present and has opened their eyes to the anger on the ground which jeopordises Dalradian’s plans. The following day another protest was held at an investor talk after Dalradian’s presentation and again people came up afterwards interested in finding out more and many realising that Dalradian are pretending that the situation on the ground is rosy when in fact it couldn’t be further from the truth.. Videos for both protests can be found at the bottom of this link.


Statement – To be read out at PDAC 2018 Toronto – 05/03/2018

This is a statement on behalf of the opposition groups in the Sperrins against Dalradian’s plans to mine at Curraghinalt and also on behalf of opposition groups in Armagh, Monaghan and Cavan agaisnt Conroy Gold’s plans across those counties.

We are here to tell those present and the wider mining community that Ireland is certainly not open for the type of toxic gold mining business that Dalradian and Conroy have plans for. While they may stand here today and say that everything is going swimmingly we are here to tell you that there is another side to this story.

There is a growing anti goldmining community in Ireland and while Dalradian for example would have you believe that the Curraginalt area only has sheep farmers and bog and are crying out for jobs we can tell you the real story that we are sheep farmers but we are also solicitors, teachers, doctors, engineers and more, we are well educated, we are tech savvy and we have an army of people ready to take you on and stop your plans. Do not underestimate us and prospective investors, do not believe everything you are being told by these companies.

A representative from Conroy Gold told us yesterday that there is interest in developing mining in Wicklow and Wexford but that the visual impact and tourism impact will probably mean they won’t come to fruition – thank god! Well here’s a little info on Dalradian’s plans in their own words:

‘It is situated within the Sperrin Mountain Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The site is located between the Owenkillew and Owenreagh rivers which are within the River Foyle and Tributaries Special Area of Conservation which supports significant presence of Atlantic salmon and otter. The Owenkillew River is also a Special Area of Conservation and it features the largest population of freshwater pearl mussels in NI. Much of the higher ground is covered with blanket bog and wet heath habitats that are recognised as priority habitats in NI and also under EU Directives.’

Does this sound like somewhere to be developing a gold mine and processing plant, does it seem like it will be supported in an area of such importance? I think not.

As representatives of the local communities directly affected by their plans we want to register our anger and disappointment that this presentation entitled ‘Ireland: Open for business’ has not encouraged any engagement from us – the people affected. It seems as is always the case that big money talks and those living and paying taxes in Ireland and the 6 counties are not being listened to. But be prepared because our fight is only beginning, the gold mining industry may have walked over communities in other countries and areas but you will not do it to us.

A Aire impíonn ort an teachtaireacht a thógáil ar ais chuig Fine Gael agus an Dáil, ní chuireann na pobail seo fáilte roimh forbairt den chineál seo. Déanfar damáiste nach féidir a athrú choíche agus iarraimid oraibh teacht amach agus labhairt le na daoine ar an talamh, tá guthanna s’againn chomh tábhachtach céanna le guthanna na boic mhóra seo.

For those present, to find out more on the real story of these companies plans contact the fb page ‘Save our sperrins’ or ask us at the end.

Go raibh maith agaibh’


Protest Day 2: Ireland -Open for business

Protest Day3



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