Objection Letter – Download and adapt

Objection letter download, click here:

Sample 1: Objection Letter 1

Sample 2: Objection Letter 2

*Deadline extended until Thursday 19 April 2018*

If you want to help us please follow the actions below as advised by the action group SAVE OUR SPERRINS:


We would like to call on everyone (the 3,361 people who like Save Our Sperrins) to send an objection as soon as possible, either by e-mail:
Or by post:

  1. Strategic Planning Division, First Floor, Clarence Court, 10-18 Adelaide Street, Belfast, BT2 8GB 

An example of a short objection letter has been included below. (Don’t forget to add your name, address, date and signature if applicable).

CLICK HERE FOR: Letter Initial objection pl2LG1519913047

*Deadline extended until Thursday 19 April 2018*
Please ask your family, friends, neighbours, relatives, contacts, work colleagues, etc. to send in objection letters too.
There are no age limits (children of all ages can write), and you don’t have to live in the area.

The objection has to be based on planning considerations so people can adjust the letter to reflect their own interests e.g:

  • a child could be worried about the mine and cyanide plant being so close to the primary school and playing fields.
  • Fishermen may be worried about the impact on the Rivers (the Owenkillew, the Owenreagh, the Strule, the Derg, the Finn and the Foyle as well as the Ballinderry river basin).

It is important that people customise this sample letter so that everyone’s letter is a little different. Here are some additional points that people may add into their letters as they wish: 

  • The number of jobs possibly created in such a mine has been greatly exaggerated by Dalradian – this is a ploy used by mining companies throughout the world.
  • The economic benefits claimed by Dalradian need to be examined against the loss to the local area in terms of tourism, agriculture & fishing.
  • The social impact on a small tight-knit rural community would be colossal. Already the gold mining company has split families, friends and neighbours.
  • Damage to the local infrastructure with hundreds of lorries, machinery & cars traveling daily on the narrow country roads. 
  • The pollution from the vast amounts of diesel needed to fuel the machinery involved.
  • The noise 24 hours per day 365 days a year in a quiet Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
  • The dust from the drilling and crushing of rock as well as what blows off the huge waste dump.
  • The light pollution caused by the site being lit up like Belfast International Airport at night, especially close to an area where ‘Dark Skies’ is being promoted.

Thank you and don’t forget, spread the word!!!!